The Technical Advantage

softwarepageThe one thing better than having a team of highly skilled professionals, is having a team of highly skilled professionals using the latest tools and technology.

Without giving away too many secrets, this is how Wallandra works.


FabSuite-Mini-Logo-600x600-Transparent-300dpi-300x300At the project initiation, all details are loaded into Fabsuite, an advanced modular workflow management software system.

Here the data is documented online once and progresses through workflow; making it transparent to the entire team. This efficiency ensures everyone is on the same page, using the same information, with the same goal.

At any point, clients can contact Wallandra for an immediate update, without the response “let me check with…” Accurate detail with immediate traceability.

TEKLA advantage

tekla-logo-web_contentIf Fabsuite wasn’t enough of an advantage, Wallandra benefits from integrating the TEKLA detailing system. TEKLA is a powerful, flexible structural steel detailing software that creates detailed, constructible 3D model of any steel structure.

  • Error free detailing.
  • Easily manage changes.
  • Transparency simplifies coordinating and communicating with others, including onsite.
  • Plan production with model information.
  • Integrate design to fabrication to transfer information automatically.
  • Scribing for accurate placement and marking to fast track fabrication.
  • Auto bundle of purlins for time saving site delivery and placement.

This software works seamlessly with Fabsuite to drive the fabrication of every element of the structure. The 3D model even allows the onsite team to review the erection techniques on their hand held devices. Say goodbye to paperwork!

Harnessing the Power

Having the the software and advanced equipment is an advantage, but the streamlined processes and highly talented team of professionals makes working with Wallandra easy.