Structural Steel vs C Purlin – which shed is right for you?

Moxey Farm Structural Steel Cow Barn WallandraInvesting in new facilities such as a farm shed, livestock shelter or storage shed, is ultimately an investment in your business and the ability to optimise your capabilities; allowing for growth. How you invest comes down to your immediate requirements, plans to future-proof your business and how best to ensure a good return on investment.

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Shelter your Livestock during the Winter months

Wallandra Cow barn livestock shelterIn Australia we can experience climatic extremes throughout the year, which can be challenging for farmers in providing the necessary environment for their livestock’s welfare and productivity.

As the winter months are drawing closer, we have been experiencing higher demand for animal and livestock shelters. As all good farmers would be aware, livestock without shelter need to put more energy into normal functioning and less into production. [Read more…]