Supporting Dairy Farmers in efficient milk production – 2018 IDW

Wallandra IDW 2018 sponsorsWallandra is proud to be again sponsoring the annual International Dairy Week; set to kick-off on Monday the 22nd of January in Shepparton, VIC.

As Australia’s premier dairy event, Wallandra hopes to participate in discussions regarding the appropriate design and construction of buildings as part of the industry’s move to enclosed, intensive farming operations.

With dairy producers being pushed to operate more and more efficiently; many are moving away from the traditional grazing set up with the outcomes of bringing cows undercover demonstrating benefits not only for milk production, but also reduced environmental impacts and more importantly positive effects on the health and happiness of cows.

By sponsoring the event we hope to both continue our support of the industry, and engage with dairy producers to understand how we can continue to best support their dairy building and infrastructural needs.

Wallandra has a long history in the design and construction of buildings for agricultural applications. Our long standing partnerships with Australian farmers, dairy producers and agricultural consultants, has provided us with the expertise and capabilities to ensure our buildings are designed and engineered for cow comfort and maximised milk production.

Our collaborative approach with leading industry bodies, allows us the ability to provide complete turn-key dairy solutions, inclusive of robotics, chiller systems, feed operations and renewable energy systems for efficient one barn dairy operations.

As part of our sponsorship, Wallandra’s Business Development Manager Rick Hornsey will also have the opportunity to present the winners of our sponsored classes.

For all those attending the event, be sure to come and meet the Wallandra team at site 15 in the main arena. We hope to see you there and look forward to sharing a post-event update.

For information regarding Wallandra’s participation in the 2018 International Dairy Week, or to learn more about our ability to service your dairy needs, contact the friendly Wallandra team.