Precast Concrete Panels


Hereford Street_Wallandra 4Precast concrete panels are a strong, durable and versatile building material; particularly suited to Australia’s harsh climatic extremes.

The fact that precast panels require minimal maintenance and can be moulded and shaped to suit almost any design or form contributes to their popularity within construction industry.

Precast panels form part of Wallandra’s building package solutions; allowing our clients to customise and streamline aspects of their construction project through the one service provider. Our commitment to providing coordinated and cost effective construction solutions led to the establishment of our own precast concrete panel plant; allowing us to more efficiently deliver combined steel and precast panel packages for our client’s projects.

Wallandra Precast Panel Plant

The purpose-built precast manufacturing plant offers the region a ‘local’ pre-casting facility, which has been designed to provide a controlled environment; optimal for reducing curing times and allowing for the use of high quality formwork.

The pairing of structural steel and precast concrete panels allows for significant time savings in the construction of buildings within the commercial, industrial and agricultural fields given that installation is immediate. There is also no requirement to wait for the panels to gain strength, and manufacturing the panels off-site will minimise wastage rates and a safer working environment on-site given the reduced clutter.

The concrete precast process calls for complex, exacting engineering design, which is achieved by our highly skilled, expert staff. Our specialised erection equipment and trades also helps to fast-track on-site installation and erection; providing cost and time efficiencies along with minimising people and equipment on-site.

Walandra precast concrete panels manufacturing plant. structural steel and precast panel packagesIn respect to precast concrete products; there is almost an endless variety of shapes, colours, textures and finishes available, making the material suitable for a number of uses within the construction industry.




The benefits of precast panels in  construction, and combining them with steel for a streamlined system:

  • Precast concrete panels have the ability to handle structural building loads
  • The quality and uniformity of precast panels is to the highest standard given tightly controlled processes and production environments
  • Precast panels have exceptional longevity and durability; they do not deteriorate, lose strength or degrade due to exposure to sunlight or freezing temperatures
  • Precast concrete is comprised of natural materials, thus is non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Precast panels are installed in conjunction with structural steel therefore can be erected by the same team for construction efficiency
  • Where precast panels are packaged with structural steel, the interface between the two has greater accuracy due to coordinated drafting
  • The ability to combine precast panels with steel allows for cost savings associated with project management given there is one less contractor to manage

For more information on precast concrete panels, steel and precast panel systems or Wallandra’s ability to customise a design and construct building solution for you, please contact our friendly team.