Tuglow Shearing Shed

From concept to completion; Wallandra was commissioned to provide a full design and construct building solution for the development of this new shearing shed for Tuglow Sheep Station, situated in Ginkin, NSW. Spanning 1,000m2 at an elevation of 1,200m; the structural steel building facilitates the ability to shear over 5,000 sheep, along with allowing for sorting, wool storage and undercover loading facilities.


Leandlease Designmake

Fast Facts

artist impression
• 15 000m2 + Office
• 400 tonnes of structural steel
• 26 loads of steel plus the stairs

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HYROCK – Copper Concentrate Store

A new facility at Port Kembla for the storage of copper concentrate prior to export, required a heavy steel roof to tie the thick concrete walls together. Wallandra is ideally equipped to fabricate the massive structure, and our experienced project management and erection teams made the on-site work look easy!

Highway Signage Structures

The strict quality procedures required for road-side structures mean that this is not for the inexperienced or faint hearted. Wallandra’s Quality Assurance program ensures that these large structures are produced to exacting standards.