Resource Recovery Centre

The Resource Recover Centre presented many challenges for Wallandra, such as height, wide doorways, stepped and raised platforms, a corrosive environment, push walls for heavy machinery and the integration of equipment. Wallandra provided a design and construction solution for the footings, structure and 300mm precast walls, including the development of a unique steel restraining system for these heavily loaded precast, push walls.

Wallandra’s scope also included roofing and roof plumbing, delivering the complete building envelope, and a hassle free, risk free solution for the builder.

HYROCK – Copper Concentrate Store

A new facility at Port Kembla for the storage of copper concentrate prior to export, required a heavy steel roof to tie the thick concrete walls together. Wallandra is ideally equipped to fabricate the massive structure, and our experienced project management and erection teams made the on-site work look easy!