Shelter your Livestock during the Winter months

Wallandra Cow barn livestock shelterIn Australia we can experience climatic extremes throughout the year, which can be challenging for farmers in providing the necessary environment for their livestock’s welfare and productivity.

As the winter months are drawing closer, we have been experiencing higher demand for animal and livestock shelters. As all good farmers would be aware, livestock without shelter need to put more energy into normal functioning and less into production. [Read more…]

Animal Comfort and Intensive Farming

Intensive Farming Facilities Happy Livestock WallandraWe know that animal comfort and creating an ideal growing environment positively impacts the output of your animals. In having the ability to apply this to intensive farming practices requires scientifically designed buildings that are customised to your unique requirements. [Read more…]

Tips for Warehouse Layout Optimisation

Warehouse Layout DesignFor Warehouse managers and owners, you understand that critical to achieving maximum productivity, is the efficient layout and utilisation of floor space in your facility.

By mapping out your layout using the following considerations, you have the capacity to ensure every square metre of space is properly utilised while reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.

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Versatile Industrial Storage Solutions

mezzanine structural steel floor versatile storage solution

For those who own or operate industrial spaces such as warehouses, factories and workshops; you understand that keeping up with space demands is crucial in allowing for the ability to grow your business, change your offering or increase your stock holds.

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Industrial Design and Exposed Structural Steel

Exposed Structural Steel in Industrial Design WallandraStructural steel is commonly known for its exceptional strength and durability, however architects and designers are more and more adopting the use of steel in order to showcase its unique aesthetic qualities.

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Structural Steel’s Use In Modern Construction

Wallandra Structural Steel Supply and constructionAs one of the most commonly used materials in modern construction, structural steel is widely recognised for its infallible strength, unparalleled flexibility and long-lasting durability; making it an excellent material for a variety of applications.

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