Structural Steel vs C Purlin – which shed is right for you?

Moxey Farm Structural Steel Cow Barn WallandraInvesting in new facilities such as a farm shed, livestock shelter or storage shed, is ultimately an investment in your business and the ability to optimise your capabilities; allowing for growth. How you invest comes down to your immediate requirements, plans to future-proof your business and how best to ensure a good return on investment.

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8 Benefits of using Precast Panels in Construction

Wallandra steel and precast panel systems for constructionThe use of precast concrete panels in the construction industry is exceptionally popular. So what is it about their employment in construction that is so advantageous?

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Future-proof your warehouse with a clear-span design

TNT-fleet-internal-close-up-strutural-steel-by-wallandraThrough specialised engineers, Wallandra has the capability to offer clear-span warehouse designs which can both reduce, or eliminate the need for columns in the middle of the structure.

This design approach provides maximum usable space and is ideally suited to factories and warehouses, however applications also include sports complexes, aircraft hangars, gymnasiums, and school facilities. [Read more…]

Under Construction: Tuglow Shearing Shed

Tuglow Shearing Shed WallandraLocated in Ginkin NSW; the team at Tuglow Sheep Station engaged Wallandra to design and construct a new shearing shed which is set to cover 1230m2. The contract scope will also require Wallandra to supply and install a mezzanine floor, louvres, roller doors and PA doors.



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