Supporting Dairy Farmers in efficient milk production – 2018 IDW

Wallandra IDW 2018 sponsorsWallandra is proud to be again sponsoring the annual International Dairy Week; set to kick-off on Monday the 22nd of January in Shepparton, VIC.

As Australia’s premier dairy event, Wallandra hopes to participate in discussions regarding the appropriate design and construction of buildings as part of the industry’s move to enclosed, intensive farming operations. [Read more…]

Build smarter and faster

precast concrete panels and structural steelEvery Project Manager wants to build smarter and faster. The ability to do this extends beyond the software you employ to manage the construction programme or the experience and skills of your team. A successful Project Manager will review every facet of a construction project to identify ways that he or she can save money and time to get the project up in order to move onto the next. [Read more…]

3 common delays during pre-construction phase

Wallandra Project ManagementGiven the myriad of elements that are involved in a construction project, it is no surprise that there are a number of challenges throughout the process that may have the capacity to negatively impact the project schedule and thus completion date. A number of those impacts actually exist during the pre-construction phase, where delays can have a ripple effect on meeting key project timelines for the remainder of the project.

[Read more…]

Reduce dry matter loss following harvest season

Wallandra structural steel hay sheds

Protecting the hay you worked tirelessly throughout harvest to bale is crucial in ensuring that the minimum amount of dry matter content is lost. Considerable losses ranging from 5-20% can occur by leaving your hay uncovered and in direct contact with the ground, thus the ability to minimise this comes down to how you have the capacity to store it. [Read more…]

Under Construction: Camden Street Warehouse-Office, Penrith

Camden Street Warehouse 7Wallandra was engaged to supply and erect 27 tonnes of structural steel for this 1,395sqm facility located on Camden Street in Penrith, NSW. The facility comprises of a warehouse and office space, along with a mezzanine floor. [Read more…]

7 Tips to fast track the DA approval process

Plans-Builders-Architects-029.Gaining DA approval can be in many cases, one of the most complex and time-consuming aspect of any design and construct project. So how can you streamline this process and ultimately ensure you have all you need to avoid delays in gaining approval? We have listed some quick tips that may help to speed up the process. [Read more…]