What services can Wallandra provide?

Wallandra specialises in the supply and erection of structural steel, however our in-house capabilities allows us the flexibility to offer complete design and construct (D&C) Building Solutions – right through to lock-up. This means that we can design your building, take care of the construction phase and project manage the entire process. By engaging Wallandra to provide a D&C Building Solution you are streamlining the construction process, accessing cost and time efficiencies and minimising the necessity to deal with as many people on-site.


What is the average lead-time?

The average lead-time is based on a number of factors, including how fast the shop drawings can be approved. Given that there are various elements in a construction project, we have provided an indication of lead-times for each stage:

  • Receive ‘For Construction’ engineering and architectural drawings
  • Shop drawings – 2-4 weeks
  • Approval by client/engineer – ideally no more than 48 hours
  • Issuing of shop drawings to production for construction (IFC) – 2-4 days
  • Ordering and receipt of raw materials – 1-2 weeks
  • Process, fab and paint – 1-3 weeks (depending on job size and complexity)
  • On-site – 2-3 weeks for a typical install time.


How can I get a quicker lead-time?

Not being provided with the final ‘For Construction’ drawings is probably the biggest cause of delay in getting a project underway. Wallandra will be initially provided with a tender drawing; from which we develop a quote. However in order to proceed with the project, Wallandra requires the ‘For Construction’ drawings, which are the same ones that are issued for CC. We need both architecturals and structural plans, and they must be supplied in both pdf and CAD file types.

Another way to minimise delays is the prompt answering of RFI’s (request for information), ideally same day. This is so our draftsmen don’t lose momentum and can stay focused working on your project.


How much will my building cost?

The cost depends on a number of factors including the complexity and size of your project along with Wallandra’s scope of works. By engaging Wallandra to deliver a complete D&C Building Solution, we can apply our experience to the design process and optimise it for efficient steel design allowing us to pass on cost savings to you.


Can you give me an on-site consultation?

Yes. We understand that you are busy, and that the construction of a structural steel building is a major undertaking. We pride ourselves on making the process as easy and efficient as possible. Our Project Consultants can meet with you on location or wherever best suits you, to discuss how we can help you realise the completion of your project.


Can Wallandra use the existing shop drawings that I have?

Yes, however we need to receive db1 files in order to effectively use the drawings in production.


Can you design my building?

Absolutely. Wallandra’s team of highly skilled team have extensive experience in the design of customised steel structures that best meet our customer’s operations, applications and goals.


Can you help with the DA process?

Yes we can. Gaining DA approval can be in many cases, one of the most complex and time-consuming aspects of any design and construct project. Through our long-standing relationship with various Councils, we have the experience and knowledge needed to manage and fast-track the processing of plans. This service forms part of our Building Solutions offering, whereby we can provide complete D&C services through to lock-up, or customise our delivery to suit your needs.


Do you have experience constructing agricultural buildings/facilities/sheds?

Wallandra has extensive experience constructing facilities, buildings and sheds for a range of agricultural and farming applications. Through our long-standing partnerships with Australian farmers and agricultural consultants, Wallandra has the expertise and capabilities to ensure our rural buildings are structurally designed and engineered to provide all the key requirements essential for productivity, operational efficiency and maximised creature comfort.


What is the Wallandra process?

Wallandra projects commence either based on a predetermined design, or we may be commissioned to provide a complete D&C Building Solution. In this instance, we will work with our clients to design their building or structure from scratch.

Our expert drafting team draw up the design using Tekla CAD software. Once this is finalised, the project details are sent through to production where raw steel is ordered, and work is programmed into the production scheduler.

The CNC machines are programmed via the latest generation of PLM software, where steel is then processed to the project specifications. This means that where stipulated, the steel will be cut, punched, drilled, scribed and coped. Once this phase is complete, the steel is then blasted with steel shot to provide the ideal welding and painting preparation.

The processed steel is then welded and fabricated according to the current drawings and required welding specifications.

Finally, the steel is then painted with zinc phosphate primer to a minimum of 80 micron and once dry, is phase loaded onto the Wallandra trucks and dispatched in the required erection sequence.


What if there are design changes after construction starts?

Wallandra has the flexibility to implement changes after construction commences within reason. If the project scope changes; for instance you would like to add an awning to your structure, we have the capacity to integrate this into the existing design, and manufacture it accordingly. We will always work to ensure your requirements are met where feasible.


Who will I deal with?

During design and tender stages a Project Consultant will work closely with you to clarify your needs and provide a proposal to suit.  Once you have confirmed you with to proceed you will be allocated a specific Project Manager who will care for your project till our scope is completed.


Will I be kept up-to-date on the progress of my project?

Absolutely. Wallandra’s focus is on taking a collaborative approach with our customers. This means we provide regular updates regarding the progress of your project throughout each phase.


How will the project be managed

If Wallandra is commissioned to provide a complete D&C Building Solution, we will project manage the entire project; freeing you up to concentrate on the daily operation of your business.


What is the benefit of using Wallandra?

There are a number of benefits with working with Wallandra – we have extensive experience in not only structural steel supply, fabrication and installation – but we also come from a construction background, so we know how to optimise processes for an efficient project. We also have a highly experienced and skilled workforce, who are the best at what they do and are committed to achieving customer satisfaction; and our flexibility to customise each project specific to the requirements of our customers supports this. Finally, probably the most beneficial element of working with Wallandra is our ability to offer short lead times.


Can I see past projects?

Wallandra has a large portfolio of completed projects, only some of which are listed on the website. Our staff can provide you with details of specific projects similar to yours, or we can also organise a site visit so you can see first-hand the quality of our work. This also provides you with the opportunity to speak with past customers and get their take on what is like working with Wallandra.


What are the payment terms

Standard payment terms are 10% deposit with order, 60% payable upon the product being available for delivery, with the balance payable upon practical completion of the project.


Do I need to prepare the site?

Dependent on the scope of your project, you may be required to prepare your site.


How do I know you will do a good job?

We have many happy customers as proof! Wallandra can provide you with details of past customers to discuss with them the process of working with Wallandra and why they would recommend using us.


Have any other questions? Our friendly Wallandra team would be happy to help. Contact us now.