Build smarter and faster

precast concrete panels and structural steelEvery Project Manager wants to build smarter and faster. The ability to do this extends beyond the software you employ to manage the construction programme or the experience and skills of your team. A successful Project Manager will review every facet of a construction project to identify ways that he or she can save money and time to get the project up in order to move onto the next.

Packaging products is an easy, cost and time effective way of streamlining any construction project. Engaging the one sub contractor to supply and install a number of products is exceptionally advantageous for any Project Manager.

In the instance of packaging together precast concrete panels and structural steel, a Project Manager has the ability to access the following benefits for both himself and his project:

  • Precast panels are installed in conjunction with structural steel therefore can be erected by the same team for construction efficiency.
  • The interface between both precast panels and structural steel has greater accuracy due to coordinated drafting.
  • Cost savings associated with project management given there is one less contractor to manage.
  • Safer more efficient working environment due to less trades and machinery on site
  • Obvious cost savings by accessing a number of products from one sub contractor
  • Streamlined lead-times for immediate erection

Wallandra precast manufacturing plantThrough Wallandra’s state-of-the-art structural steel fabrication facility and newly completed precast concrete manufacturing plant, we can deliver streamlined construction systems resulting in cost, time and site efficiencies for our clients.

For more information on steel and precast panel systems, please contact the friendly Wallandra team.