Hay Sheds


Wallandra structural steel hay shedsProtecting the hay you worked tirelessly throughout harvest to bale is crucial in ensuring that the minimum amount of dry matter content is lost. The best possible way to protect the quality of your hay is to store it in a structural steel hay shed.

Our highly experienced staff work with you throughout the various stages of design and construction to ensure your hay shed incorporates elements such as gutters and drainage to minimise water pooling, along with 2 to 3 walls for maximum protection from rain. Consideration for appropriate ventilation and airflow in your hay shed design is also crucial in preventing moisture build-up resulting in mould and rot, especially in the first 1-3 weeks after baling.

We understand that to fully maximise the use of your hay shed, the design needs to consider multi-purpose usage. Wallandra has the capability to integrate this flexibility into our designs, allowing for up to 40m clear spans, wide bays, roller doors etc.

We take into consideration current requirements for your hay shed design, but also suggest design modifications that allow for future needs and usage possibilities.

All Wallandra sheds are constructed from high grade structural steel; providing a long-term, low maintenance solution.

Our design and construct building solutions also provide you the ability to hand over full project management responsibilities; leaving you to focus on running your farming operation.

Wallandra has the ability to design plans based on your specifications, take care of the DA submission and oversee the construction of your hay shed through to completion.

Our focus is getting your steel hay shed design right, by considering elements such as:

  • Ventilation and airflow
  • Weather protection
  • Design modifications for optimised efficiency
  • Your specific requirements
  • Site to ensure engineering is appropriate
  • Ability to be modified for future requirements
  • Flexibility to allow for multi-purpose usage

Through our long standing partnerships with Australian farmers and agricultural consultants, Wallandra has the expertise and capabilities to ensure our hay sheds are structurally designed and engineered to protect the dry matter content of your hay.

Contact the friendly Wallandra team to find out how our specialist team can help you achieve a fit-for-purpose, flexible, efficient, weather-proof structural steel hay shed for your farming operations.