Grain Sheds


Grain Shed2By constructing a structural steel grain shed, you have the ability to store your crop quickly to avoid grain losses due to weather. It also allows you the flexibility to continue harvesting without interruptions or delays; saving on time and costs associated with freight and off-farm storage.

Wallandra’s fully customisable grain sheds are designed with your requirements and specifications in mind. Our highly experienced staff work with you to ensure your grain shed incorporates the elements that are important to you. Dependent on the size of your grain shed, our building solutions include precast concrete wall panels, up to 40m clear spans, overhead loading systems, insulation blankets, ventilation, internal walls, sliding roller doors, cantilevered canopies for wet weather loading and unloading etc.

A grain shed allows you to increase your grain profits by storing and selling when grain prices are the best; thereby maximising your profits. To fully appreciate your investment, we consider multi-usage when designing your grain shed, which means you have the capability of storing farm machinery and equipment when it’s not being used for grain. We also can suggest design modification that allow for future needs and usage possibilities.

All Wallandra sheds are constructed from high grade structural steel; providing a long-term, low maintenance solution.

Our design and construct building solutions also provide you the ability to hand over full project management responsibilities; leaving you to focus on running your farming operation.

Wallandra has the ability to design plans based on your specifications, take care of the DA submission and oversee the construction of your grain shed through to completion.

Our focus is getting your steel grain shed design right, by considering elements such as:

  • Ventilation
  • Weather protection
  • Site to ensure engineering is appropriate
  • Ability to be modified for future requirements
  • Flexibility to allow for multi-purpose usage
  • Loading systems

Through our long standing partnerships with Australian farmers and agricultural consultants, Wallandra has the expertise and capabilities to ensure our grain sheds are structurally designed and engineered to protect the quality of your grain.

Contact the friendly Wallandra team to find out how our specialist team can help you achieve a fit-for-purpose, flexible, efficient, weather-proof structural steel grain shed for your storage needs.