3 common delays during pre-construction phase

Wallandra Project ManagementGiven the myriad of elements that are involved in a construction project, it is no surprise that there are a number of challenges throughout the process that may have the capacity to negatively impact the project schedule and thus completion date. A number of those impacts actually exist during the pre-construction phase, where delays can have a ripple effect on meeting key project timelines for the remainder of the project.

The following are some of the more common causes for delay during the initial stages. By being aware of these factors, you have the ability to ensure you’re not causing any unnecessary delays in getting your construction project underway.

Statement of Environmental Effects

As part of your DA submission, most construction projects will need to include a Statement of Environment Effects. This aspect of the DA application process is often over-looked and will cause significant delays to what can already be a complex and time-consuming process. Fortunately, we have put together some quick tips that may help fast-track the DA submission process here.

Provide final ‘For Construction’ drawings to your construction team/contractors

For Wallandra, not being provided with the final ‘For Construction’ drawings is probably the biggest cause of delay in our ability to get a project underway. Wallandra will be initially provided with a tender drawing; on which we develop a quote. However in order to proceed with the project, Wallandra requires the ‘For Construction’ drawings, which are the same ones that are issued for DA.

Issue timely responses to RFI’s

Another way to avoid delays is to answers RFI’s (request for information) on-time (preferably same day). In the case of Wallandra, where RFI’s are responded to on a same-day basis, our draftsmen don’t lose momentum which leads to the ability to minimise lead-times during the drawing phase of the project.


By being aware of these potential causes for delay, you can ensure that you have the resources and information required to move through the pre-construction process as quickly as possible. By selecting a team of professionals who are experienced in project management will help to mitigate risks, put contingency plans in place and effectively track the project schedule for a seamless construction project through to lock-up or handover.

Engaging a design and construct provider can also provide considerable efficiencies in terms of time and cost-savings throughout the project’s lifecycle. Wallandra’s in-house expertise and unique integrated supply chain allows us the capability to provide design and construct building solutions right through to lock-up stage. We can also assist with the Development Application (DA) process or manage it completely, and take care of the requirements associated with obtaining a Construction Certificate.

With expert project management staff, we take a consultative approach; delivering timely updates throughout the project life-cycle to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the duration of the construction project. For more information, please contact the friendly Wallandra team.